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Dear Sirs, I am pleased to offer you the realization of buildings based on lightweight galvanized steel frame SFH.

The SFH is a lightweight galvanized steel frame for construction of all kinds of objects. Frame is made of cold-bent galvanized steel profiles with a cross section 100 mm (mild steel S350GD+Z275, S390GD+Z275, thickness of 0.95 mm to 1.60 mm) giving opportunity to shape various forms of construction. Due to the low cost of implementation of the buildings and the short duration, our technology is indispensable in the construction of social housing and buildings for various purposes as clinics, kindergartens, schools, warehouses etc.

With mobile plant production of construction profiles will be done directly on site with capacity up to 800 m per hour (construction for 200m2 of house per day).

The SFH with a light galvanized steel frame can perform the following objects:

  • residential buildings: single-family, multi-family, social housing, homes, extensions of existing objects, etc. It is possible to climb buildings up to four storey on 3.5 m each, or up to 6 meters high and spans up to 12 floors without support,
  • Commercial buildings: commercial pavilions, car showrooms, workshops, etc.
  • hall: production, storage, etc. The possibility of rising to a height of 8 m, a width of one aisle up to 30 meters without support and length, without limitation,
  • buildings for agriculture: stables, feedlots, poultry houses, mushroom, etc.
  • extensions of existing buildings - a cheap and quick way of obtaining additional usable space without overburdening the existing building due to the lightness of the steel structure, short time of realization minimizes inconvenience to users,
  • roof trusses,
  • beams,
  • curtain walls and more

The warranty on the construction of the buildings is 50 years.

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