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SFH Basel Group

Construction activities began in 1982 with the implementation of industrial and office buildings and shopping service. With the development of market specialized in implementations based on aluminum and steel constructions.

In 2005, we developed specialized wing assembly implementing reinforcement monolithic structures including residential, industrial and engineering.

On the basis of experience gained, the Group has extended the offer of a complex facilities projects using innovative technology of lightweight steel construction.

We have experienced and well- prepared staff of engineers and technicians , practice and having the necessary powers to carry out construction works and management of the investment process . We have our own staff Staff with high professional qualifications.

For projects use modern technologies proven in use and the materials and raw materials of the highest quality . Many years of experience in cooperation with Western companies in connection with the practice of economic management and allows us to provide services at competitive prices with high quality.

Reference list of our clients certify the credibility and good reputation in the execution of construction and assembly . We have certificates of companies: FES Inc . , York , PA, SULLAIR Michigan, Howick Ltd.


SFH Steel Frame House

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